"Must see!...Plays like a high-tension political thriller...Amazingly elaborate and detailed...
Want to get hoppin' mad? This'll do it...Let's hear it for paper ballots.
" - Bob Butler, Kansas City Star

Clint Curtis was an everyday computer programmer in Florida until he was asked by a powerful Republican legislator to create vote-rigging software for electronic voting machines.

For the first time, Patty Sharaf's terrifying documentary, Murder, Spies & Voting Lies (the Clint Curtis story), recounts the full, remarkable tale.

Join journalist/blogger Brad Friedman, as he investigates Curtis's hair-raising claims, uncovering a seamy side of American democracy that mainstream media fails to report.

Also featuring: Gore Vidal, Bob Fitrakis, Cynthia McKinney, Harry Hursti, Mavis Georgalis and a host of others. Beautifully shot in Hi-Def.

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Al Jazeera TV (English) reviews Murder Spies & Voting Lies

Part 1
Part 2

"…the most explosive documentary produced in recent memory…"
- Rady Ananda  

"Until you see the film, if you think you know the Clint Curtis story, you probably don't. The full story is creepy as shit."
- Brad Friedman. Editor,, speaking to Rady Ananda



"Alfred Hitchcock would have chosen this, if the fact that it's
true didn't scare him too much...
The crime that dare not
speak its name: Election Fraud."
- Mimi "Dharma & Greg" Kennedy, National Chair of PDA  

"Well done, covers so much well, and airs unexplored aspects of our election nightmare. Definitely one of the best of the genre."
- John Ennis, filmmaker Free For All


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